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Local Cartoonist Publishes Comic Strip Collection

Chapel Hill, NC (September 4, 2004) – Freelance cartoonist Catherine Harrell began her career with a children’s feature called “Jen,” a full-color comic strip now collected into a book. The strip debuted online in September 2003, appearing as a daily webcomic for Internet cartoon fans, and Harrell modified and developed the strip over the course of its online appearance. Her new book The Best of Jen highlights the most recent samples of the strip, with over three hundred comics collected from the 2004 archives.

“Jen” is a humorous comic about the adventures of four children, a quirky group of friends named Jen, Madison, Sparkle, and Avery. The characters encounter peculiar situations throughout the book, including radical haircuts, lost cats, irresistible soap bubbles, and missing smoothies. The strip appears in soft pastel colors with simple line art, and each cartoon is kid-friendly.

“Jen” first appeared in Harrell’s local paper, printed each week on the children’s page. “Seeing my work in print was very gratifying,” she explains. “Publishing my own book was a perfect next step.” Her cartoons have also appeared in small magazines and newsletters, and she has written several articles for online webcomic journals.

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